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Canon iR ADV DX C3835i3690,-€75.50€/month

Canon iR ADV DX C3835i



Canon iR ADV C5535i3990,-€82€/month

Canon iR ADV C5535i



Canon iR ADV C5540i4190,-€86€/month

Canon iR ADV C5540i



Canon iR ADV C5550i4390,-€90€/month

Canon iR ADV C5550i



Canon iR ADV C5560i4590,-€94€/month

Canon iR ADV C5560i



Ricoh Pro 8200s7990,-€163.80€/month

Ricoh Pro 8200s



Ricoh C720013490,-€276.70€/month

Ricoh C7200



Minolta Press C610011490,-€235.70€/month

Minolta Press C6100



Minolta Press 613611490,-€235.70€/month

Minolta Press 6136



Canon iR ADV C3525i2990,-€61.50€/month

Canon iR ADV C3525i



Canon iR ADV C3530i3290,-€67.50€/month

Canon iR ADV C3530i



Canon iR ADV 4545i2990,-€61.50€/month

Canon iR ADV 4545i



Canon iR ADV 4535i2790,-€57.50€/month

Canon iR ADV 4535i



Canon iR ADV 45252590,-€54€/month

Canon iR ADV 4525



Canon iR ADV DX C5840i4990,-€102.50€/month

Canon iR ADV DX C5840i



Canon iR ADV DX C5850i5190,-€106.50€/month*

Canon iR ADV DX C5850i



Canon iR ADV DX C5860i5390,-€110.50€/month

Canon iR ADV DX C5860i



Canon iR ADV DX C5870i5590,-€114.90€/month

Canon iR ADV DX C5870i



Canon iR ADV DX C3826i3290,-€67.50€/month

Canon iR ADV DX C3826i



Canon iR ADV DX C3830i3490,-€71.50€/month

Canon iR ADV DX C3830i



Canon Imagepress C71013500,-€276.75€/month

Canon Imagepress C710



Canon iR ADV 65504490,-€92€/month

Canon iR ADV 6550



Canon iR ADV C2551690,-€35€/month

Canon iR ADV C255



Minolta press C308017900,-€367€/month

Minolta press C3080



Canon iR ADV C5235i2490,-€51€/month

Canon iR ADV C5235i



Minolta Press C608519900,-€407.95€/month

Minolta Press C6085



Canon iR ADV C33252490,-€52.90€/month

Canon iR ADV C3325



Canon IRA 85955990,-€123.90€/month

Canon IRA 8595



Canon Imagepress C75011900,-€243.95€/month

Canon Imagepress C750



Ricoh Pro C910019900,-€407.95€/month

Ricoh Pro C9100



Canon IRAC 75655970,-€122.50€/month

Canon IRAC 7565



Ricoh MPC 30032990,-€61.50€/month

Ricoh MPC 3003



Minolta Bizhub Press C1060/10706990,-€144€/month

Minolta Bizhub Press C1060/1070



Xerox Versant 805390,-€110.50€/month

Xerox Versant 80



Minolta Bizhub Press C1085/110014990,-€307.50/month

Minolta Bizhub Press C1085/1100



Minolta Bizhub C284  2390,-€49€/month

Minolta Bizhub C284



HP Latex 3606990,-€143.50€/month

HP Latex 360



Xerox Versant 18013500,-€276.75€/month

Xerox Versant 180



Xerox Color J75 Press5990,-€122.90€/month

Xerox Color J75 Press



Canon IPF-Pro 4000s2990,-€61.50€/month

Canon IPF-Pro 4000s



Brother GTX 422 textile printer10900,-€223.50€/month

Brother GTX 422 textile printer



Canon ImagePRESS C6007990,-€163.90€/month

Canon ImagePRESS C600



Canon iPF785 MFP3.490,-€71.90€/month

Canon iPF785 MFP



Keyence Agilista 3D printer18900,-€387.50€/month

Keyence Agilista 3D printer



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You can rely on us to have a solution ready for you thanks to our know-how and many years of experience. We look forward to seeing you!

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Buy a copier

From a business perspective, buying a photocopier is clearly an investment in the future viability of your company. It is therefore important to think carefully about which appliance to choose and what you really want to invest in in order to meet your needs in the long term.

Even in the digital age, copiers, printers and scanners are an integral part of everyday office life and this is unlikely to change for the time being. However, the demands we place on our appliances have changed significantly. It requires the perfect symbiosis of digital and analog components. Flexibility, i.e. access to the device from home, for example, productivity and agility, i.e. being proactive, anticipatory and proactive in order to introduce the necessary changes, especially in view of the increasing volatility of work processes and structures, can ensure the long-term and sustainable success of your company.

To ensure that your appliance fulfills exactly this purpose and can be used as required, we have taken a closer look at a few aspects for you below.

Step 1: Determine your needs

Before you consider buying a copying system, you should first clarify what you need a solution for. The possibilities are almost endless, which is why it is necessary to know exactly what is needed. So if you only need a device to make copies or print, it makes little sense to buy a device that has a number of other functions in addition to these that you may never actually use. Would you like prints in color or are you happy with the black and white version? The hole punch or stapling option is often ideal for everyday office use. The speed of printing or scanning can also be particularly relevant for companies.

As you can see, the question of which copying system to choose is not an easy one, as there is a relatively wide range of options that you should consider in advance. Last but not least, such considerations are easy on your wallet!

Step 2: Find a suitable installation location

Once you are clear about the functions you want your new copying system to have, the next step is to find a suitable installation location. After all, the new photocopier shouldn’t have to stand in the middle of the room because all the other workstations are occupied. Copying systems are available in all conceivable sizes and, depending on the equipment, can take up a lot of space.

To avoid having to return an ordered device for space reasons, we recommend that you select a system based on the space available. This saves you unnecessary waiting times, the associated stress and, in the worst case, even costs.

Step 3: Decide what equipment you need

When it comes to equipping a copying system, it’s all about your individual needs or requirements. After all, the new device should guarantee maximum productivity and not be equipped with superfluous functions. However, if you already know what you need the appliance for in detail, and if a suitable location for the appliance in your premises has been found, then all you need to do now is consider which functions meet your requirements.

Here too, it is advisable to carefully consider which functions are really necessary in order to save money and nerves. There’s nothing worse than a super modern device with all kinds of functions, but with so many options that at some point you can no longer see the wood for the trees. So spend your money on something you really need.

Step 4: Ensure maintenance

Everyone knows that appliances used for professional purposes require regular maintenance. This prevents downtime in the worst-case scenario, especially when you need it least. You can also make provisions for this with kopiererwelt as your partner. Our service offerings include the right options for every need. The offers are so flexible that you can only use the service you really need. No inflexible package solutions or hidden costs! You are spoiled for choice.

Does it have to be particularly quick? In these cases too, kopiererwelt will endeavor to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. From ordering toner to maintenance and repairs: thanks to our
full service
you don’t have to worry about your office workflow being affected by the copying system.

Buy used copiers

Our 9 commandments when buying a copier

Buy copier first bid: The condition

The condition of the devices can quickly become a matter of standing, especially in modern companies. Who would put an old device in the office and risk customers or partners noticing it and, in the worst case, drawing conclusions about the state of your company? This is why kopiererwelt ensures that all devices are delivered to you in perfect condition, both technically and visually. Just like new.

All our appliances are professionally tested, serviced and refurbished and cut a fine figure in any office.

Buying a photocopier is the second priority: the equipment

When it comes to the equipment, it’s up to you. What do you need and what functions must the copying system offer to meet your requirements? When configuring a copying system, it is particularly important to take your individual requirements into account. In addition, the question of available space is also important when selecting a suitable appliance.

All these considerations help to get the most out of the copying system and maximize productivity. There are no upper limits in terms of functionality.

Buying copiers third commandment: The environment

Few questions have become as relevant as the state of our environment. Climate change and climate protection, sustainability, ecological footprint and the like are the issues of the 21st century. And of course they don’t stop at the devices we work with. Even when it comes to purchasing a copying system, care should therefore be taken to conserve resources, i.e. to save energy and thus act in the interests of sustainability.

At kopiererwelt, we make sure that every device has a globally valid environmental label, such as the Energy Star or the Blue Angel. Because it is really important to us to make our contribution to the sustainable and environmentally friendly use of our resources.

Buying copiers fourth commandment: The delivery

Time is a precious resource, and we are of course aware of this. You can rely on our nationwide delivery service to ensure that this resource is not used up unnecessarily – whether through collection or installation of the copying system.

Our in-house delivery technicians deliver your appliance to the designated location and also take care of installing the appliance and instructing all employees. At kopiererwelt, you get everything from a single source.

Buying copiers fifth commandment: The accessories

Anyone who has ever owned a printer and looked into purchasing printer cartridges knows that no compromises should be made, especially when it comes to print quality.

The situation is similar with the accessories for the various copying systems. The right consumables or toner have a decisive influence on the quality of the printouts. Copier World therefore always supplies you with the optimum consumables so that quality is not compromised.

Buying copiers sixth commandment: The service

Service is always a top priority at kopiererwelt! We’ve all been there: it’s Friday, the end of work is approaching, the last documents are being prepared for Monday and then it happens: the printer goes on strike, the toner is empty or some other ailment makes the end of work seem ever more distant. After a few attempts, restarting, cleaning, etc., you realize that the cosy evening on the sofa will probably be a thing of the past. So what to do? Especially in such cases, it is helpful to have a reliable partner at your side.

Thanks to our all-round carefree package, such problems are now a thing of the past. Our technicians are competent contacts, especially when things need to be done quickly. We are at your disposal at any time.

Buying copiers seventh commandment: The billing

When it comes to billing, everyone knows that when it comes to money, the fun stops. We see it that way too. Nobody wants to incur unnecessary expenses. For this reason, there are no opaque and inflexible package options or regulations in the copier world. We focus on transparency, and we do so in full.

Our invoices are therefore always detailed and very accurate, especially when it comes to copies and printouts, where it is easy to lose track. With us, you only pay for what you actually need or have used.

Buying copiers eighth commandment: The old machine

So you have decided on a device? Has your old appliance broken down or no longer meets your requirements? Have you already thought about disposal? No problem! Once we have set up and installed your new copying system, we will of course also take care of the professional disposal of your old device. Of course, professional disposal is also part of our service.

Buying copiers ninth commandment: Certifications

When it comes to the disposal of old appliances, the issue of data protection plays a not insignificant role. Especially in companies, there is a lot of sensitive data that has been fed into the copying system over time and should not fall into the wrong hands. We also have the right solution for this.

Kopiererwelt has been a Dekra-certified company since 2009 and has never had to forfeit this status despite constantly changing standards. This means that with us you can be completely sure that your data will be handled discreetly and that residual data will be securely and irrevocably deleted from your old device.

What do you value?

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Are you already familiar with the various suppliers of copying systems and perhaps favor one brand or another? Then use the option to filter by the appliances of the brand you prefer and find your desired appliance as quickly as possible.

Filter by product type

If you are more interested in the product type than the brand itself, you can of course set the filter accordingly to find the right appliance for you and your needs.

Filter by speed

Do you focus on the performance, i.e. the speed of the device? Is the brand and product type less important to you than the performance of the appliance? Then simply filter according to the expected copy volume!

Which copier should you choose?

The different device types

Color systems

One of the questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about purchasing a copying system is whether or not you want to produce color print products. So if you don’t just want to print or copy documents in black and white because you want or need high-quality color print products, you must also choose a color system.

Of course, there are also qualitative differences here. It is therefore advisable to think about what kind of print products are to be produced. You will find copying systems of all kinds in our range.

Black and white systems

Does your company have a high demand for simple black and white copies? In this case, it is generally not worth considering systems that also offer the option of creating color copies.

However, even with pure black and white systems, there are differences in terms of quality. So if you value high-quality print products, you should definitely keep this in mind when deciding on one of our copying systems. Of course, we also have a wide variety of black and white copying systems in our range.

Production systems

If you are a service provider and sell printed matter, it is very likely that you will need a complete production system. You can also place the highest demands on our production systems in terms of quality, quantity and finishing, and you will see that these are met cost-effectively.

At kopiererwelt you will find the complete range of all well-known manufacturers. Powerful, versatile, efficient, fast and environmentally friendly. You are guaranteed to find the right system with us. Would you first like to get an idea of what a complete production system, including the possible components, could look like? No problem! We have prepared them especially for you for demonstration in our exhibition. So come and visit us and get an overview.

Large format systems

Sometimes it just has to be a little bigger. Large format systems are used in particular for photographs, art prints, posters and proofing. Of course, there are also differences between these systems. Whether black and white or color, with cloud connection or without, at copierworld you can choose from a variety of different models to find the perfect device for you. Just take a look at our range.


If you as a company want to optimize your work processes and introduce modern document management, you most likely need a reliable and powerful scanner. Especially when many pages need to be scanned, it makes sense to use a device that is also capable of achieving optimum results at high speed. In addition, it can sometimes be useful to have image editing functions directly on board. You can find this and much more with us.

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of scanners and are sure to find a device to suit your needs.


The printer is part of every office. Everyone knows that! Accordingly, the selection is also immense, so it’s easy to lose track. Therefore, before purchasing a copier, we recommend that you first ask yourself for what purposes, i.e. which functions the device must have in order to be able to fulfill all tasks to your complete satisfaction. In addition to the classic features of a copier, i.e. the distinction between black and white and color printers, there are a number of other features and functions that could be worthwhile for you to consider. Speed would be a noteworthy and important aspect.

Especially if you have to print a lot but only want to or can spend a little time on printing, it is advisable to consider a device that works with high performance and therefore quickly and efficiently. Just as important is the optimal interaction of various possible functions so that the copier can become a powerful, albeit silent, member of your team.

Fax machines

Even if correspondence is increasingly taking place in the digital sphere, i.e. the e-mail inbox is in danger of overflowing, the fax machine is still an integral part of every company and an extremely reliable partner. In particular, the possibility of being able to access correspondence in black and white, i.e. on paper, conveys a feeling of security: paper cannot be deleted. Ideally, a fax machine should work reliably and be robust so that productivity is not impaired. In addition to the classic fax machines that some of you may even be familiar with from home, there are of course also devices that combine various functions such as scanning, printing and copying with faxing – all-rounders, so to speak, and therefore ideal for small or medium-sized companies in particular.

If you are interested in such a device, please contact us. We are sure that we can offer you a suitable device.

Would you like a non-binding consultation?

Do not hesitate to contact our consultants!

It is often the case that, although you know your requirements, the multitude of possible solutions makes it difficult to decide on the optimum device. There are so many differences and options in the field of copying systems that it’s easy to lose track.

The staff at kopiererwelt are very knowledgeable in this field and can advise you according to your requirements based on their know-how and many years of experience, and thus recommend the most suitable device for your needs. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing you!

Why should you buy a copier from us?

Germany’s leading specialist for as-new copying systems

When it comes to purchasing modern devices, especially in the business sector, people are often inclined to opt for an expensive new device. Especially in companies, nothing should go wrong and new is always better. As understandable as this idea is, it is also wrong. Particularly in the area of copying systems and multifunctional printers, there is no reason at all to opt exclusively for a new device. This has always been the idea that motivated us to become active in the field of reselling. Right from the start, we were wondering whether it wouldn’t make much more sense to take care of the supposedly outdated or no longer fully functional appliances, give them a general overhaul and maintenance and thus give them a new lease of life.

In the vast majority of cases, these devices are far from obsolete. We have set up our technical center especially for this purpose, where our employees subject every appliance delivered to us to a thorough technical inspection in addition to an initial visual check. The appliance is then assessed in an audit so that any defects can be rectified later and any necessary repairs carried out. It goes without saying that all meter readings and fill levels of the consumables – toner and ink – are read and documented. The appliance is then thoroughly cleaned before we carry out any necessary repairs. Only when the appliance is fully operational again, i.e. all possible defects have been rectified and any necessary repairs carried out, is the appliance prepared for delivery until it is finally brought to our customer by our delivery drivers, assembled and set up on site. This is the cycle of a copier from kopiererwelt.

If you are still wondering why you should buy an appliance from us, then we have another compelling argument for you. This way of reconditioning used appliances is unbeatable when it comes to sustainability and environmental friendliness. The improper disposal of old electrical appliances in particular, which logically includes copying systems, has been proven to harm nature and the environment. It is also undeniable that the disposal of an appliance, even if it still works in principle or could be made to work again, is certainly anything but sustainable. But that’s exactly what we’re all about. We focus on sustainability and are determined to do our bit to protect the environment, which is why we make sure that every one of our appliances has a globally valid environmental label, such as the Energy Star or Blue Angel. So if, like us, you want to help protect our environment and preserve our planet as a habitat for the future, then choose to buy a new device from kopiererwelt.

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