With us you get a

FULL SERVICE for your copier


Low price guarantee

Our copying systems are as good as new and cost significantly less than new.


All-round carefree

The team at kopiererwelt takes care of everything: from delivery to installation, you get everything from a single source.


Market leader

Kopierwelt is the market leader in as-new copying systems. We know what we are doing.

A satisfied customer is our goal

Your advantages with the copier world

01. large selection

Thanks to our wide range of products, you can choose from a large selection of different copying systems from all leading suppliers. We are sure that you will find a suitable device. In addition to the large product portfolio of the original manufacturers, you can also obtain a comprehensive alternative to OEM products from us, which we offer you in cooperation with our partner Katun.

You are sure to find a copying system that meets your requirements.

02. price advantage

Purchasing a new copying system can be a costly affair under certain circumstances. We were aware of this problem from the outset, which is why we started to create alternatives. Our appliances are all as good as new and of course fully tested and serviced. Basically like new. We can therefore supply you with copying systems that are in no way inferior to a new device. Your advantage: You receive our devices at a price that is far below the new price. In contrast to the usual resellers, you can rely on the copier world’s devices to meet your requirements and to be functional and of impeccable quality.

The days of unnecessary expenditure are over. Benefit from our high-quality copying systems at a price you can be proud of.

03 DEKRA certified quality

Quality is our trademark. However, we don’t just focus on quality in our appliances – quality is also our top priority in our company. We are constantly working on optimizing processes and structures in order to ensure the best possible service for our customers in particular. We have therefore decided to have this quality checked and confirmed by an official body. DEKRA Certification GmbH has been responsible for the regular testing and certification of the quality assurance of internal processes since 2006.


We are aware that great things are expected of a large company like the copier world. That is why we are constantly working to meet and maintain this standard in full.

04 Nationwide delivery service

In order to be able to guarantee quality and, above all, safety during delivery, we naturally also deliver the newly acquired appliances ourselves. Our nationwide delivery service guarantees that your device will find its way to you undamaged. Our team of qualified employees has the necessary know-how and packs and loads the copying systems properly so that nothing happens during transportation.

Even if the copying system is delivered to the premises on site – whether on the fourth or fifth floor – our delivery staff will take care of it. Even if the elevator is defective or not available at all. Our delivery drivers are equipped with lift trolleys to ensure smooth transportation to the final destination.

05. express delivery

Sometimes things have to happen quickly. Your device is broken and you need a replacement as quickly as possible?

You can hardly wait to start using your new appliance and would like to have it delivered yesterday? This is also no problem with kopiererwelt. Thanks to our express delivery service, you can put your new appliance into operation in no time at all.

06. collection

Would you prefer to collect your device yourself? Of course, this is not a problem either.

To do this, please make an appointment with the staff at our logistics center. This saves you unnecessary waiting times and ensures a smooth process. We look forward to seeing you.

07 Installation & instruction

Installing a copying system can sometimes be quite tricky or time-consuming. To make it as uncomplicated as possible for you, our competent and experienced staff will be happy to help you set up and connect your copy machine correctly. Furthermore, you can expect personal and comprehensible instruction from us on the most important functions of the device. If, for example, the device is to be integrated into a network, we will of course be happy to advise you and your administrators by prior arrangement.

We all realize that if we want to keep up with the times, our devices need to be adapted or upgraded accordingly. As a result, more and more companies are relying on modern copiers with a wide range of features. However, this often leads to problems, especially when dealing with the new and often unknown functions. Comprehensible and comprehensive instructions on how the new devices work are increasingly required. We know this and with us you can be sure that we will not leave you alone! If you wish, we can provide you with personal, i.e. individual instruction on the most important functions of your new device!


08. financing

Especially with larger and therefore more expensive appliances, the question of the appropriate type of financing often arises. Even if you’re not quite sure about financing your new copying system, don’t worry! At kopiererwelt, you can choose from a wide range of different financing concepts to find the right one for you. If you have any questions regarding a suitable financing option, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you individually.

At kopiererwelt you can choose from a wide range of financing options. To make your decision a little easier, we have listed below some important information about the financing options available to you:



Most of us are probably familiar with the leasing option from the automotive industry. Leasing can be loosely translated as renting or leasing. With this type of financing, a contract is concluded between you as the lessee and the lessor, the owner of the property, for the use of the property over an agreed period of time. During the contract term, you as the user pay a monthly installment to the lessor.

In most cases, you can decide at the end of the contract term whether the leasing contract should be extended or whether you would like to purchase the object against payment of the residual value. Another option is to return the property to the owner.

A widespread argument put forward for financing in the form of leasing is the contractual commitment over a relatively long term. Although this is true, there are also some advantages. However, it is also possible to terminate the leasing contract prematurely.

One of the biggest advantages of leasing is the tax benefits. The leasing installments are immediately deductible operating expenses and lead to the elimination of investment-related taxes (e.g. trade tax). This results in a tax reduction for you. In addition, existing liquidity headroom is maintained and the credit line is protected. All this leads to greater financial independence. Another advantage of leasing is that if you use leasing at an early stage, you retain your scope for credit with your house bank, i.e. your equity ratio is maintained. You never know when you might need it. This also results in considerable savings on your equity.

While traditional loans are debts, which are of course not deductible, leasing is balance sheet-neutral, i.e. no additional fixed assets appear on your balance sheet. The installments are 100% deductible, so leasing is not a debt, but a cost. However, the most important advantage of leasing is that it offers maximum flexibility. Especially in times of rapidly advancing technical developments, it is important to keep up to date. Thanks to the leasing option, you are able to modify the contract during the term, for example to replace a leased device with its successor.

We would also like to offer you a wide range of leasing options so that we can find the right solution for you. We therefore work with many different leasing companies so that you can choose the right partner yourself. Feel free to contact us in this regard!


The rental option is an attractive alternative to traditional financing, especially for those who are reluctant to enter into a long-term contractual commitment. The advantage of the rental option is the flexible rental periods. These usually start from a term of 24 months.

Similar to the leasing option discussed above, the rental option also offers tax advantages. Rental expenses are immediately deductible operating expenses. It also leads to tax reductions, as investment-related taxes (e.g. trade tax) are eliminated.

This also protects your credit line; you retain your liquidity scope as you retain your credit scope; you remain financially independent; your equity ratio is maintained and you save your own funds.

The rental option is also balance sheet-neutral, i.e. as with the leasing option, no additional fixed assets appear on your balance sheet and the rent is also 100% deductible, as it is also a deductible cost.

In addition to the flexibility of the term, the rental agreement also offers greater flexibility than the purchase option. It is still possible to amend the contract or adapt it to new circumstances during the term. This means that you can also switch from an older device to a newer one with the rental option.

Probably the biggest advantage of the rental option is that you are not responsible for the maintenance and repair of the device, but always the owner of the device. In addition, toner is included in the copying agreement with kopiererwelt. You can agree a fixed page volume per month with us based on what you can copy or print. Any additional pages would be charged at a price agreed in advance.

The rental contracts are taken over by our premium contractual partner:

Copy agreement

The copying agreement is basically similar to a tenancy agreement. However, you conclude the contract directly with us, kopiererwelt. The copying agreement usually combines the rental and service contract in one. The advantage for you is that you get everything from a single source and only need one point of contact, namely us.

The copying agreement also impresses with its flexible terms, so you don’t have to commit yourself to a long contract. Accordingly, a short-term commitment, for projects for example, would also be possible. Please feel free to contact us.

Like all financing options that can be subsumed under the term rent, the copying agreement also has tax advantages. The installments for the copying agreement are also immediately deductible operating expenses, which also protects your credit line. Their balance sheet neutrality naturally also remains.

You’ll never have to make do with outdated technology again when it comes to copying agreements. You can also make changes to the contract during the contract term and replace outdated devices with successor models.

The copying agreement also has the advantage that repairs and maintenance are carried out by kopiererwelt. Toner delivery is also included with this option. You therefore have complete cost control.


Do you already know which financing option is right for you? Then choose from these common purchase options. Would you like to pay online on delivery? Is online banking just your thing? Then you can pay conveniently from home during delivery. Simply give our delivery driver a printed copy of the confirmation. Only cash is king? Of course you can also pay in cash on delivery. Do you want to play it safe and make the payment in advance, i.e. are you more the prepayment type? Of course, this is also possible. Do you like it uncomplicated and, above all, fast and secure? Then the PayPal option is most likely just right for you. At kopiererwelt, the customer is king, even when it comes to payment methods.

09 Individual service contracts


At kopiererwelt, we have the right copying system for everyone. So that you can enjoy your appliance for as long as possible, you should of course not have to worry about technical problems or maintenance. That’s why we offer you a wide range of service contracts tailored to your individual needs:


Full service

Everything once please! Thanks to the comprehensive services of our Full Service contract, you no longer have to worry about technical problems or maintenance issues. As different as each of the numerous copiers is, so are the services that are required. You can therefore put together your own individual service based on your requirements and conditions:

  • Maintenance (incl. travel and technician’s working time)
  • Mechanical spare parts that are needed during maintenance
  • Mechanical consumables (incl. toner)
  • Free 0800-KOPIERER hotline


Service Light

Would you like a little less? Do you prefer a cheaper option, but don’t want to compromise on security? We have created our Light service contract especially for this purpose. For just €3.99 net* per month, you receive the following services – also nationwide:

  • Consumables (toner, drum, heating roller)
  • Free 0800-KOPIERER hotline
  • 1,000 free pages (DIN A4 B/W)

Do you already know that you will probably produce more than 1,000 pages (A4 B/W) per month? That doesn’t matter at all. We are flexible. Simply book each additional block of 500 pages (A4 B/W) for just €3.99 net per month.

*The amount of 3,99€ is only valid for black and white copiers (up to 49 pages / minute). Billing takes place once a year in advance. For the replacement of consumables or spare parts, the manufacturer’s calculated service life or coverage rates for toner cartridges apply.


10. cost-efficient on-site service

Thanks to our qualified service technicians, working for you in the office and in the field, we are able to resolve the majority of nationwide service calls as quickly as possible and, above all, cost-effectively.

But on-site service is also important to us. That’s why we work with a large number of service partners throughout Germany who work for us in the field, enabling us to offer you rapid assistance on site. Even in urgent emergencies and within the shortest possible time, our service technicians can take care of everything directly on site. So rest assured that you can continue working quickly with your copy machine and meet your deadlines. This service is of course also available without a service contract. Our service team is of course also available to you by telephone.

11. warranty for 12 months

By purchasing one of our as-new copying systems, you will not be at a disadvantage compared to a new product.

This means, of course, that you don’t have to compromise on safety and quality. The copier world grants you a full workshop warranty of 12 months nationwide! No ifs and buts!