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Modern office communication that is both environmentally friendly and inexpensive. Kopiererwelt stands for all this and more. For more than 25 years, kopiererwelt has been the place to go when it comes to as-new copying systems of all kinds. Whenever you need a new copying system or a high-quality printer, kopiererwelt can help. Our appliances have all been overhauled, checked and cleaned in the workshop, so they are practically as good as new. At kopiererwelt you will find a wide range of copier systems from all leading manufacturers, so there is something for everyone. Furthermore, one of our main focuses is on environmental friendliness and sustainability. This was also the reason for founding kopiererwelt. Why throw away appliances when it is possible to recycle them and protect the environment at the same time? Furthermore, it was clear from the outset that customer friendliness was particularly important to us. Since the company was founded, we have been able to continuously expand our service area and adapt it to the needs of our customers. This is also one of the pillars on which the company stands. At kopiererwelt, we have the right devices in stock for all requirements and even if you are not yet sure which device is right for you and your needs, we will of course be happy to advise you.


Everything from a single source

One of the biggest advantages of the copier world is that you get everything from a single source. No annoying back and forth with various parties, whether for delivery, service or anything else. Kopiererwelt accompanies you every step of the way, from ordering and delivery to installation on site.


Future-oriented solutions for your requirements

The times we live in make it necessary to look to the future. This also applies to the area of office communication. This means that in addition to the classic elements of office communication (printers, scanners, copiers), modern and future-oriented solutions are increasingly in demand. Although the “paperless office”, which was already an issue in the 1970s, is still an integral part of everyday working life, digital solutions have increasingly found their way into our offices. E-mails, networks, sharepoints – in short, the digitalization of office communication – has become an integral part of today’s and certainly tomorrow’s working world, and the need for copying systems that can cope with this is constantly increasing. That’s why you can also obtain devices from copierworld that enable flexible office communication in the digital age.

Of course, future-oriented also means that our biggest problem, climate change and nature conservation, must be taken into account. Kopiererwelt is also actively committed to protecting the environment. The path to the “green copier” is the required goal.


Fast deliveries and sustainable service

Another sign of the times we live in is flexibility and speed. Everything has to go faster. This applies to both delivery times and service. Gone are the days when delivery times of up to a week were the standard or long waiting times were accepted if there were faults and problems with your copying system. The copier world is also aware of this fact and avoiding such delays is one of our main objectives. Thanks to our nationwide fleet and a fleet system that meets modern requirements, we are able to deliver to you in the shortest possible time. Of course, this also applies to our service. Regardless of the method of communication, we are always available and will be at your service in the long term, i.e. even after the order and delivery of our copying systems. Our technical support team is always on standby and rectifies any faults and errors as quickly as possible and without long waiting times.

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