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Company foundation

Back in 1992, Marcus Seybicke and Robin Grieb decided to found the trading agency Grieb & Seybicke oHG as “Maro”. The idea for kopiererwelt was born in the basement of seybick’s parents’ house, laying the foundations for a successful future.


In 1994, just two years after the company was founded, we decided to relocate the company headquarters from the basement at home to our first own office in Leichlingen. The first own office, the company began to take shape, what a feeling!

Warehouse expansion

Another two exciting years later, in 1996, it became clear that an expansion of the storage capacity in the Leichlingen office was necessary. After all, success needs size. And we want to get bigger. We expanded our warehouse for the first time in order to meet the growing demand from our customers.

Steady growth

Nine years have now passed since the company was founded and it continued to grow steadily in 2001. So it was time to convert the oHG into a GmbH, transforming our company from a partnership into a corporation. The real birth of kopiererwelt. And since we had already been there once, we immediately scaled up again. We relocated the company headquarters to Langenfeld and moved into new and, above all, larger premises. From then on, we also had our own workshop and enough space for our goods again.

Introduction of ERP system Sage Office Line

The expansion of the company had been presenting us with certain challenges for some time. The planning and optimization of company processes had become increasingly confusing. So the time had come to finally get the chaotic situation under control. In 2003, we therefore decided to introduce the ERP system from Sage. At last, the planning and control of all company resources and access to all relevant business data could be organized in one place and linked together. In the same year, we became a recognized training company of the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Relocation the third

And again, we need more space. As beautiful as our premises in Langenfeld were, their capacity was quickly exhausted. Fortunately, we were able to acquire the perfect property for our needs in the tranquil town of Hilden. So in 2005 we moved to the neighboring small town. Anyone who has ever moved house knows that you always have to reckon with problems. That’s what happened to us too. Somewhat spoiled by our previous moves, we had all slightly underestimated the need to renovate the new property. But that shouldn’t stop us either. In the same year, we were also honored with the “Youth in Work Plus” award from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Once it’s running, it’s running …

New partners

Since 2006, we have been an official partner of Canon and Ricoh, two of the best-known suppliers when it comes to copying systems of all kinds. When such large companies place their trust in us, we really do seem to have done something right.

Service please

In 2007, we decided to take our customer service to the next level. Because our customers should also benefit from the success of the copier world. After all, the trust placed in us, your trust, is what made our success possible in the first place. Our new customer portal should take this into account. Since then, our customers have felt even better looked after.

DEKRA certification

Many people are familiar with DEKRA certification from the automotive sector. But companies can also have themselves tested and certified by DEKRA. In 2009, we also decided to have the quality of our service officially confirmed. The area of quality assurance for internal processes has been particularly important to us from the outset and is a key component of our service. Since then, we have been able to regularly prove this to DEKRA Certification GmbH.

Relocation flap the fourth

Firstly, things turn out differently, and secondly, than you think. In 2010, due to a business expansion, our warehouse had somehow become too small overnight. An alternative had to be found, and quickly. Langenfeld apparently wanted us back, because within a very short space of time we found a prestigious building there with an incredible 2000 square meters of warehouse space, 2500 pallet spaces and, hold on tight, 1500 square meters of office space – a kind of return to the beginnings. As you can imagine, we had to promise our now over 30 employees that this would be the last move.

The motivation to dedicate ourselves to the remanufacturing of copying systems stems from our interest in sustainability and environmental protection issues. So in 2011, it was time to take a further step towards green copiers. Installing a 125 KW solar system on our roof seemed like the right way for us to work on improving our ecological footprint in the long term.

Fleet management

As we sell our devices throughout Germany and it is important to us that our customers receive all services – including delivery – from a single source, namely kopiererwelt, we introduced a fleet manager (Managed Print Service MPS) in 2012, which optimized the delivery process and was thus able to offer our customers an even more reliable service.


If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that the trend towards online shopping is here to stay. We therefore added a fully integrated store system (4Sellers) to our existing website in 2014. This means our customers can purchase their perfect copying system from the comfort of their own home with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Farewell is a sharp sword...

Every farewell is difficult. Especially when you look back on 25 years of history together. But the time had come in 2018 and Robin Grieb left the company after more than a quarter of a century to devote himself to new projects. We have found an amicable and friendly solution and wish him all the best for the future.

Growth only different

In 2019, we made the decision to establish a subsidiary. End-of-Lease GmbH is now officially a subsidiary of Kopierer-Welt GmbH. The reason for founding the company was to make the recycling business even more professional and broader.

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