If you are a service provider and earn money with your copier, you most likely need a complete production system.

You can expect the highest standards of quality, quantity and finish from our state-of-the-art production systems and you will see that they are met cost-effectively. We stand for this with our name and offer our customers up to 60 months warranty on all appliances.

At kopiererwelt you will find the complete range of all well-known manufacturers. Powerful, versatile, efficient, fast and environmentally friendly. You are guaranteed to find the right system from us and we would be delighted to advise you and find the right product for your company.

Would you first like to get an idea of what a complete production system, including the possible components, could look like? No problem! We have prepared them especially for you for demonstration in our exhibition. So come and visit us and get an overview.

Copier World Ltd.

Our special sale

Immediately available devices

*The graphic shows an example picture with full equipment.

A system in mint condition is the ideal introduction to digital printing. You can test the market inexpensively and check whether the commitment is promising. In the worst-case scenario, you sell the system again and have paid a bit of learning money. The new system could only be sold here at a considerable discount, which would be equivalent to the value of a mid-range car. The financial risk here can be life-threatening!

The fact is: you produce top quality with both systems, except that the new device is considerably more expensive and does not generate any additional yield.

About us

Kopierer-Welt GmbH is Germany’s leading partner for
Office technology as good as new

Modern office communication that is both environmentally friendly and inexpensive. Kopiererwelt stands for all this and more.

For more than 25 years, kopiererwelt has been the place to go when it comes to as-new copying systems of all kinds. Whenever you need a new copying system or a high-quality printer, kopiererwelt can help.

Our appliances have all been overhauled, checked and cleaned in the workshop, so they are practically as good as new. At kopiererwelt you will find a wide range of copier systems from all leading manufacturers, so there is something for everyone. Furthermore, one of our main focuses is on environmental friendliness and sustainability. This was also the reason for founding kopiererwelt.

Why throw away appliances when it is possible to recycle them and protect the environment at the same time? Furthermore, it was clear from the outset that customer friendliness was particularly important to us.

Since the company was founded, we have been able to continuously expand our service area and adapt it to the needs of our customers. This is also one of the pillars on which the company stands. At kopiererwelt, we have the right devices in stock for all requirements and even if you are not yet sure which device is right for you and your needs, we will of course be happy to advise you.


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Copier World Ltd.

Everything from a single source

One of the biggest advantages of the copier world is that you get everything from a single source. No annoying back and forth with various parties, whether for delivery, service or anything else. Kopiererwelt accompanies you every step of the way, from ordering and delivery to installation on site.


Future-oriented solutions for your requirements

The times we live in make it necessary to look to the future. This also applies to the area of office communication. This means that in addition to the classic elements of office communication (printers, scanners, copiers), modern and future-oriented solutions are increasingly in demand. Although the “paperless office”, which was already an issue in the 1970s, is still an integral part of everyday working life, digital solutions have increasingly found their way into our offices. E-mails, networks, sharepoints – in short, the digitalization of office communication – has become an integral part of today’s and certainly tomorrow’s working world, and the need for copying systems that can cope with this is constantly increasing. That’s why you can also obtain devices from copierworld that enable flexible office communication in the digital age.

Of course, future-oriented also means that our biggest problem, climate change and nature conservation, must be taken into account. Kopiererwelt is also actively committed to protecting the environment. The path to the “green copier” is the required goal.


Fast deliveries and sustainable service

Another sign of the times we live in is flexibility and speed. Everything has to go faster. This applies to both delivery times and service. Gone are the days when delivery times of up to a week were the standard or long waiting times were accepted if there were faults and problems with your copying system. The copier world is also aware of this fact and avoiding such delays is one of our main objectives. Thanks to our nationwide fleet and a fleet system that meets modern requirements, we are able to deliver to you in the shortest possible time. Of course, this also applies to our service. Regardless of the method of communication, we are always available and will be at your service in the long term, i.e. even after the order and delivery of our copying systems. Our technical support team is always on standby and rectifies any faults and errors as quickly as possible and without long waiting times.


What our customers say

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Information overview

Frequently asked questions

The aim of kopiererwelt is to make the purchase of a new copier as easy and pleasant as possible for our customers. For this very reason, and to make the purchase of your desired appliance a little easier, we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions for you below and answered them in detail. If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our advisors.

Marcus Seybicke

Managing Director



What advantage do I have as a customer?

We work with DEKRA-certified quality in our own technical center. This is why we are able to offer you a 12-month warranty on all our appliances. With the conclusion of a service contract, we even offer you up to 60 months warranty! Furthermore, thanks to our nationwide delivery service, you will receive your device directly from us.

This means that you do not have to deal with other providers at any time. Our technicians will also take care of the installation and other services, such as instructing your employees in the operation of the new copying system on site. Kopiererwelt would like to make the purchase of your new copying system as easy and pleasant as possible. For this reason, we naturally also offer all standard financing concepts.

This enables our customers to choose the option that is most convenient for them. In addition to our full service contract, which corresponds to an all-round carefree package, and the option of freely combining various services. This enables us to respond individually to your specific needs – also with regard to our service – and create a suitable offer for you.

Why are our devices so affordable?

As a Canon dealer, we have access to a nationwide pool of copiers from lease returns and exhibition machines. We also purchase inexpensive spare parts from discontinued series and surplus stock. We would also like our customers to benefit from this purchasing advantage. That’s why you can get our production systems as good as new at a discount of 50-80% compared to the new price. You can be sure that you will only incur costs where it makes sense or is unavoidable for you – that is our motto and you can rely on it.

How old are our devices?

The devices that you can obtain from kopiererwelt are generally devices from the current new series. With these appliances you can expect a reduction of 50-80%. A large number of copiers that you can purchase from kopiererwelt originate from premature contract terminations such as insolvencies or lease redemptions. As these contracts usually have a term of between 12 and 36 months, they generally also include a maintenance contract. In concrete terms, this means that you are purchasing an appliance that is maintained in a similar way to a car. In addition, all appliances are reconditioned in our technical center in accordance with quality guidelines. This means that you receive all our appliances in perfect condition.

Do you still prefer a new device? Of course, we also offer a range of new appliances from all major manufacturers. Whether CANON, RICOH, DEVELOP or XEROX, at kopiererwelt you will receive the device that meets your wishes and expectations.

What is the difference between a reconditioned, certified used appliance and a new appliance?

You will copy, scan and print with both devices and neither will generate more revenue for you. The most important difference, however, is that a used appliance in mint condition costs only a fraction of what you would have to pay for a comparable new appliance.

In addition, the print result of a new device is of the same quality as a new device. You are welcome to make a test print with us and see for yourself.

In addition, the purchase of a reconditioned and certified used appliance that is as good as new saves important resources and thus protects the environment in the long term. So if you want to help protect our environment by saving resources, such as those used for overseas transportation, then choose one of our appliances.

Do new appliances help to protect or even improve the environment?

As the market leader for as-new copying systems, environmental protection is an extremely important and actively pursued topic for us. In our DEKRA-certified technical center, all copiers are completely dismantled, all assemblies are thoroughly inspected and defective parts are replaced.

The replaced parts are recycled in accordance with regulations and in an environmentally friendly manner. With our own 1,000 m² photovoltaic system, we are able to produce a quarter more energy than we need and consume for all our work processes. This means we are currently avoiding more than 74 tons of CO² per year. In addition, the reuse of the systems conserves valuable raw materials that are required for the production of the copying systems, for example. In addition, pollutants that are produced during transportation from overseas are not generated in the first place. In this way, we as a company are trying to come closer to our desire for a green copier step by step.

By choosing a device from kopiererwelt, you are consciously opting for an economically and ecologically sensible and sustainable alternative!

Do you also offer a service and consumables?

We guarantee that you will receive at least one year’s warranty for the devices purchased from us. 5 years after purchase of all spare parts and consumables. With our own nationwide delivery service – including instruction and handover of the devices on site – you are always on the safe side during the initial installation of your device. If, contrary to expectations, something does not work, simply contact us and we will take care of the rest. Use one of the many different options such as our service portal, the SOS Manager or our free service number. The corresponding service process will of course be initiated immediately. Our service and technical team is highly efficient, trained and certified and is always on hand to provide you with advice and assistance as quickly as possible.

Is financing possible?

You can finance all our devices with us (creditworthiness required).

Would a test print be possible?

Before you decide on a device, you are welcome to make a test print with us to convince yourself of the excellent quality.

Would you like a non-binding consultation?

Do not hesitate to contact our consultants!

Our advisors will be happy to contact you and talk to you about your concerns. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can either request an uncomplicated quote or call us directly.