Canon imagePRESS C9010 VP from 2021 incl. Stacker H1, Bros finisher

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We currently have a brand new Canon imagePRESS C9010 VP from 2021 incl. Stacker H1, Bros finisher on special offer (ready for use immediately). The color production machine can be inspected at our warehouse in Langenfeld and can be picked up and shipped worldwide. Our consultants will provide you with the best possible information and will be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

Kopierer Welt GmbH

Data about the machine

Machine Type: Color production machine

Manufacturer: Canon

Model: Canon imagePRESS C9010 VP from 2021 incl. Stacker H1, Bros finisher

Available: Immediately

Condition: Very good (used)


In this offer you acquire a used colour production system „Canon imagePRESS C9010 VP“.

Item for sale:

1 x Canon imagePRESS C9010 VP with the following equipment:

incl. Prisma Controller
incl. booklet finisher N2
incl. High Capacity Stacker H-1
incl. POD Deck D1

Meter readings:

Total: Approx. 1,880,920 pages


This offer is for a used device, which may show signs of use (minor scratches or yellowing).

The machine has been tested for function. A test printout can be seen in the photo.

Packing and shipping:

You are welcome to view the unit during our business hours. Please make an appointment!

Seaworthy packaging and worldwide shipping available on request!

Before shipment or collection, a function test will be recorded on video for you.

For more information, you can of course also contact us personally.

Function test

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